Water Journey™

Inspired by nature’s flowing streams, Water Journey™ is a collection of 4 events providing different play experiences. Whether it is a single event or multiple connected together, Water Journey™ creates vibrant spaces inviting everyone to play, socialize or just contemplate.

Let the discovery begin

Water Journey™ experiences take the youngest water play fans on journeys of discovery through playscapes of the imagination, where the water flows gently, there are things to move and touch and manipulate and discovery waits around every bend. Offering a quieter kind of play experience that is so important to the development of toddlers, Water Journey™ presents every opportunity for truly immersive play with very low water depth and flow to satisfy parents and captivate kids for hours.

Kids are absorbed by different life-like stream behaviors while experiencing cause and effect firsthand as they manipulate and coordinate multiple game features. Creeks, flood plains, ripples and cascades make Labyrinth endlessly engrossing and enthralling. Gates and water wheels engage and fascinate. Kids can float objects downstream to their heart's content. And the journey all starts when the players themselves release the initial flood of water.  

Competitive play is inherently social play and The Race is dual track, head-to-head race course that'll keep kids caught up in the excitement as they learn fairness, how to establish and follow the rules of the game and many important social skills so essential in life. They'll cheer their floating racers and strive for a competitive edge by manipulating and coordinating different interactive features like the gate, the drawbridge and the accelerator as they race downstream. 

Kids love to be in control, and Jet Dance does not disappoint! First they get to direct the water flow into the channels and by doing so choose which jets are activated, delivering a refreshing spray as a reward. They can even activate mist effects, block or intensify water sequences or create water arches by directing water into the associated drain. And the entire play surface feels natural and grippy with its nature-inspired sand ripples. 

It doesn't take a lot to enthrall the very youngest water play enthusiasts. With Tide Pool, players cool off and enjoy some quiet time as they play stepping stones or just sit on the different size rocks as they observe the tide rise and fill every nook and cranny and then subside with its own soothing rhythm. Step or sit on rocks of various sizes and shapes while water collects into a shallow pool. A calming break from the go-go pace, physicality and excitement of a spray pad, dry play park or full-scale water park experience.  

A world of possibility

Inspired by nature's flowing streams the four playscapes that make up Water Journey™ make a wonderful addition to any municipal park, urban space, hotel, family entertainment center or amusement or water park. They can stand alone or be combined effectively with each other or with a Splashpad® to create the kind of vibrant spaces filled with life where families can play, socialize or just unwind. 

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  • Enthrall and inspire

    Create an oasis of calm for young children who benefit from quiet, contemplative and social play.

  • Hands-on fun

    Stimulate discovery with interactive features that help kids explore cause and effect.

  • Their space, their pace

    Kids immerse themselves in Water Journey™ play experiences away from the physical play and older children elsewhere in the park, pool or waterpark.

  • Combine with a Splashpad®

    Water Journey playscapes make the perfect complement to a Splashpad® providing access to children of all ages.