Municipal & Commercial Splash Pads

Boasting more than 250 interactive features and 10 signature collections, Splashpad® offers endless opportunities to customize, expand, and evolve your venue. With colorful, open-ended splash pad designs and imaginative water choreography, Splashpad® revolutionized how families play in urban spaces, as well as commercial splash pads in waterparks and resorts worldwide.

Water play structures

Going far beyond the traditional water park splash pad, we also think “vertically” with a vast selection of multi-level water play structures. Elevations™ condenses the excitement and diversity of an entire waterpark into a complete multi-story play zone. Vortex waterslides offer smooth, comfortable rides with exceptional manufacturing and durability. And the industry-first Dream Tunnel™ is an on-water or on-land modular attraction designed to complement your facility’s environment and theme.

Breaking new splash ground

As a splash park equipment supplier, we are committed to innovation. We’ve also reinvented fountains, transforming them into immersive, multi-sensory experiences for all generations. Combining spectacular visuals and interactive effects, our Playable Fountains create magic beyond a typical splash ground, that keeps families wide-eyed day or night!


We have created thousands of Splash pads for towns and cities across the globe. Check out our most recent municipal park projects here.

Each Vortex Splashpad® is designed specifically for your community, so costs will vary. The two major components of a Splashpad are the water play products chosen as well as the water management system. Other factors include concrete, surfacing, installation, infrastructure, and other amenities such as benches, restrooms, or parking. Learn more.

Vortex pioneered the first Splashpad® over 25 years ago and continues to innovate with unique designs and sustainable water management solutions. Our colorful open-ended designs invite children to fill in the blanks and create playful environments from their own imaginations. And every Vortex solution is bolstered by smart technology that enhances play experiences, elevates safety, and makes the expansion of your facility easier and more cost-effective. Learn more about our expertise.

With over 9,000 installations in 50 countries, there’s lots to choose from! You can find a selection of stories about municipal and commercial projects – from across the globe - here.

Vortex takes a people-first approach. We begin every project by getting to know the families you’re servicing and thinking creatively about how we can help them grow. And we’re creative thinkers: our diverse background in engineering, creative design, and water choreography makes us the best in the business at creating imaginative and powerful aquatic experiences! Learn more about our expertise here.

Vortex splash pads are designed for families of all ages and abilities. Splash pad features can be organized in bays that specifically appeal to a particular age group, for example, toddlers or teens, or to families playing together. Read more here.

Splashpads come in all shapes and sizes; each one is customized for your community’s specific needs. An over-sized Splash pad may look empty and inviting, while an under-sized Splash pad will be overcrowded during peak periods. Learn more about how Vortex determines the ideal capacity of a Splash pad here.

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