Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Park enjoys a great reputation for entertaining children with its various dinosaur-themed amusements and rides. Still, one area of the park, with its long-standing old wooden outdoor play equipment, looked outdated and was no longer as popular as some of the park’s other attractions. With the help of Vortex, the park replaced its disused play equipment with an aquatic play park to appeal to a wider range of customers and attract new visitors to the park. Dippy, their dinosaur mascot, features prominently in their specially-themed Splashpad®, with all aquatic play features customized to match Dippy’s purple and yellow. The Splashpad has three zones, ensuring there is water fun for kids of all ages and abilities. Roarr! reports that they have met their original goal of attracting new visitors, but have also extended the length of a typical visit and increased park revenues with locker rental, themed towels and shirts, and an adjacent Dippy’s Snack Shack.

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« We have now operated Dippy’s Splash Zone for 3 seasons, since September 2015. It has provided the park with an extra influx of visitors, growing our visitors by 18% after its first full year in 2016.  »
Adam Goymour,

Operations Manager

« The Splashpad has withstood thousands of guests using the slide and cannons. Many enjoy the large dumping bucket, which is our most popular and main feature of Dippy’s Splash Zone. It has proven to be a fantastic addition to our park!  »
Adam Goymour,

Operations Manager

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