Waterparks & Amusement Parks

Families are saturated with choices of where to spend their free time and money. Vortex has partnered with many waterparks and amusement parks to grow their venues into exciting aquatic play hubs that are unique and memorable for families.

  1. Inclusive family fun

    Waterparks and amusement parks that have been designed with an emphasis on the big thrill rides often exclude younger children. Vortex understands that parents look for entertainment the whole family can experience together. Our design team and play experts pride themselves on creating exciting aquatic installations that close play gaps and cater to families as a whole.

  2. A safe haven

    Waterparks can be stressful for parents with young children. Vortex Splashpad® and Playnuk solutions create a magical oasis for preschoolers to play safely while parents watch with total peace of mind.

  3. Custom designs

    Our human-focused design team proposes water play solutions that are aligned with your brand and customer. Our Elevations™, Waterslides and Splashpad® are personalized to enhance the emotional connection that will entice your customers to return to your waterpark.