To help families escape the summer heat, Gilroy Gardens decided to offer its first new water attraction. Partnering with Vortex, they created “Water Oasis” for children ages eight and under. The water attraction includes a 1500 sq.ft. Splashpad® and Water Journey™, which simulates how water moves in nature. Water Journey™ has been particularly popular with their demographic; boys aged 6 to 8 really enjoy the science of it. Water is managed through a closed recirculation system to promote water conservation; 90% of its water is conserved and re-used. The automatic system requires minimal maintenance, lowers chlorine usage, saves money and ensures optimal water quality. Staying true to their vision, Gilroy Gardens’ Water Oasis encourages children to experience water play elements and to learn about water, conservation and the environment.

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« The Water Journey is very popular with boys age six to eight – something we didn’t expect. They like the science of it, and to see the impact on the water. Guests are bringing their own rubber duckies and boats to place in the water and watch the water flows.  »
Barbara-lea Granter,

General Manager

« Water Journey sets Vortex by itself because no one else on the market makes anything like it. And the design (of the park) from Hirsch & Associates really presented Water Journey in a way that has made it a hit across our demographic. »
Barbara-lea Granter,

General Manager

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