Everything at the Den Blå Planet Aquarium – inside and out – is designed with water in mind. When searching for an outdoor water attraction with an educational element, they chose the Water Journey™ Labyrinth module from Vortex. The Labyrinth offers an interactive experience for children, teaching them the fundamentals of imaginative play and the basic principles of cause and effect through the manipulation and coordination of the game’s features. And it offers the opportunity to play with water without getting too wet! The Labyrinth has been a significant addition to the aquarium. Visitors now have another reason to visit, especially when the weather is good and they want to be outside. It’s been a popular communal meeting place for parents and visitors as they extend their visit.

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« The Labyrinth is a significant addition and attraction to our open air area. Our visitors have another reason to head to the Aquarium, even when the weather is good and they want to be outside. Now they can be outside here enjoying Water Journey.  »
Kai Frydendahl,

Vice-President, Den Blå Planet

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