Elevations™ & PlayNuk™

Packed with Play on all Levels

A duo of multilevel aquatic play solutions, Elevations™ and PlayNuk™ add a new dimension to your activity pools, waterparks and Splashpads.

Whether you opt for a standard Elevations™ structure, a pirate-themed adventure or a world inspired by a tropical rainforest, our imaginative designs keep kids moving and coming back for more. Packed on both upper and lower levels with age-appropriate games and diverse water effects, our exciting structures engage all kinds of adventurers and promote multigenerational play—a major draw for families! 

Flexible and Adaptable

With their modular building-block system, Elevations™ solutions are fully customizable to adapt to almost any exterior or interior site, ranging from a small PlayNuk™ to a sprawling aquatic destination. Attract a crowd with modern designs and vivid colors that complement your brand and the surrounding environment.

Elevations™ can also be retrofitted onto existing facilities to easily revamp or refresh them. Geared for toddlers and preschoolers, PlayNuk™ solutions are designed to entertain those who are just learning to slide. Our imaginative configurations breathe life into amusement parks, hotel and resorts, campgrounds, and municipal aquatic centers.


Identifying a play-gap in the 2-5 age group, PlayNuk™ is a new breed of Elevations™ that scales down accessories, softens sprays, and adds more lower-level interactions to make accessibility easy for younger adventurers.

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