Water moves us

Harnessing the transformative power of water, we create play experiences for children to develop, communities to flourish, and businesses to thrive.

We are people-centric innovators with a deep understanding of different markets and community needs. We are your committed business partners from planning to maintenance, with you at every stage of the project to help you attract, engage and retain your visitors, no matter your venue.


Every bold idea begins somewhere


Play & Entertainment

We reinvent traditional water attractions and revolutionize play for all ages and abilities.

Project Development

Our multidisciplinary team designs with purpose with a master plan for today and tomorrow.


Vortex is the industry leader in developing award-winning aquatic solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

Project Execution

Our highly skilled manufacturing professionals and certified installers ensure your success, season after season.


A perfect day

This private island aims to complement the cruise experience on land with the same level of excellence that Royal Caribbean is known for on its ships. Featuring a Vortex Splashpad® and Elevations™, Perfect Day at Coco Cay is now a sure hit for younger families looking to create magical memories.

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A first in Bahrain

the Waha Splashclub is the first Bahraini family-friendly aquatic play attraction of its kind. It is surrounded by a number of hospitality businesses, from docked cruise ships to local cafes and restaurants, and was specifically designed to be accessible to locals and tourists.

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