Vortex Splashpad® Collections

Boasting more than 250 interactive features and 11 signature Vortex collections, Splashpad® offers endless opportunities to customize, expand, and evolve your venue. With colorful, open-ended designs and imaginative water choreography, Splashpad® has revolutionized how families play in urban spaces, waterparks, and resorts worldwide.

Iconic and imaginative Vortex product line

The more attractive and iconic the features of a play area are, the farther from home families are willing to travel. The Vortex product line of Splashpad® play features is specifically designed to pop from its surroundings and leave a vivid impression. The solution employs striking color palettes, eye-catching water effects, and a perfect balance of sun and shade to draw in a crowd.

Inclusive Vortex aquatic playgrounds collections

With its zero-depth layout and accessible play events, Vortex aquatic playgrounds collections make it easy for anyone to participate. Additionally, the unique solution includes distinct bay areas for toddlers, teens, and families. Each area interacts with the next, prompting multigenerational play as well as consistent foot traffic in and around the play zone.

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