Make a Bigger Splash

From first-time splash experiences to thrilling main attractions, Vortex Waterslides gets every family member off their beach towel and into the water.

Whether part of a new construction or refurbishment, these family thrill rides are winning additions not only to waterparks and amusement parks, but also to municipal pools, aquatic centers, campgrounds, and resorts. At Vortex, our play experts understand that inclusive experiences have a lasting impact; our slides are designed with all age-groups in mind—even parents!

A Slide for Every Facility

Customizable to your specific site requirements, our waterslides can stand alone or be seamlessly combined with an Elevations™ or Splashpad® for an extra dose of adrenaline.

For use with swimming pools, drop splashdown pool slides provide an exhilarating final plunge, while our variety of runouts provides a safe alternative for pool-less venues.

PrecisionRide™ Series

For the ultimate waterslide experience and durability, we offer PrecisionRide™ technology, a special manufacturing process with a high strength-to-weight ratio and a high-gloss finish on both sides of the flume.

PrecisionRide™ slides are practically frictionless for a super smooth and comfortable ride. Our slides require low maintenance and are built to last with corrosion- and fade-resistant materials that maintain their color, season after season

First Adventure Slides

The more adventure you offer your pint‑size visitors, the more incentive moms and dads have to make a return visit. Engineered specifically for younger guests, these designs accommodate those who may be slightly hesitant about their inaugural ride.

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Family Fun Slides

Vortex Family Fun Slides optimize play between different age groups. We understand that shared experiences leave a bigger impact and more family interaction means more return visits to your destination.

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Big Splash Slides

Keep lineups at the gate with Big Splash Slides that cater to children, teens, and parents. Vortex’s portfolio of greatest hits encourages valuable word-of-mouth and even more seasonal pass purchases!

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