Fresh innovations for cool cities

Our Abrio and Glomist collections were designed to be inclusive, providing a refreshing space to all citizens, whether it’s to take a break during a busy day, play with loved ones or seek relief from the heat.

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A sustainable and soothing oasis

Water conservation
On-demand activation and real-time flow control allow for efficient energy and water usage.

Multiple design configurations
Combine seating, shading and soothing aquatic elements to fit your space.

Connect to Abrio via remote access to control water and light functions to reduce on-site maintenance.

Ease of installation
With minimal connection to infrastructure, Abrio is designed to be seamlessly implemented by your operations team.


A refreshment zone to cool urban spaces

Offer respite from the heat to more citizens by extending the range of your CoolHub™ with Glomist. Glomist and Glomist Nano are whimsical and sustainable water features that refresh and cool the surrounding air and passersby with a fine mist. Low‑flow nozzles allow Glomist to cool city dwellers while minimizing water consumption.