A dynamic, zero-depth aquatic play area that provides endless hours of fun for the entire family. Splashpad® combines the sensations of different water movements—flowing, misting, and jetting—with over 250 diverse features for an unequaled aquatic play adventure.

The way kids play today

Splashpad® squeezes more fun out of every drop.

 Splashpads have forever changed the way children play in parks and urban spaces and Vortex is proud to have been a driving force behind this revolution in play. As early developers of Splashpad®, our flagship product, Vortex has gained a deeper kind of expertise in the design of play features that engage and enthrall children of all ages. Every product we make is the result of long development by our designers and product engineers, and benefits from years of specific experience, play value testing in the field and ongoing product improvement and refinement. So besides having creative, attractive designs, you can be sure that kids will get hours and hours of play out of the exclusive Vortex water features we use on every Splashpad®. 

Dynamic play, social play and more

Part of the magic of Splashpad® and a big reason why kids become so absorbed for so long in Splashpad® play is the sheer diversity of water features that can be integrated in a single Splashpad® experience.  Splashpad® combines the sensations of different water movements—such as flowing, misting, and jetting—with over 250 diverse features for an unequalled aquatic play adventure. From interactive water features like Bamboo Cannon or Ombrello Twirl, to visually fascinating water effects, to features that promote social play or inspire intuitive discovery, every Splashpad® strikes a fine balance, ensuring that the play desires and styles of a broad range of users are met in full.

Yes, we engage in “pad think”

Even when our customers choose the kinds of play equipment they would like to have on their Splashpad®, we bring our expertise to bear on the choice of individual aquatic play products and the relative positioning of these items. We're looking to maximize play value and opportunities, encourage maximum interaction and movement between experiences, and always stay focused on accessibility. This extends to designing-in areas dedicated to high-energy, boisterous play for tweens and teens (using high-energy sprays and streams), transitional zones for people of all ages, and sections for low energy play where the youngest toddlers and their parents can feel right at home. All that goes into making sure every Vortex Splashpad® delivers the best possible play value for the widest possible cross section of users.

Designing for the imagination

Driving by a park or urban space, a Vortex Splashpad® is immediately recognizable by the characteristic design style of its water features. One big difference is how a Vortex tree, for example, does not directly emulate a tree but rather evokes a sense of "treeness". While realistic designs tire quickly, Vortex's evocative designs inspire a child's imagination, helping them to create their own make believe play worlds and games they can share with children around them. This "less is more" design philosophy has become a hallmark of every product we make.

So everyone can play

At Vortex, not only do we believe that people with different abilities should have easy access to play, we believe they also deserve to get the maximum amount of enjoyment from play.  To this end we have been proponents of the principles and tenets of Universal Design, and nowhere is this inclusive approach to design more in evidence than in our Splashpad® products and Splashpad® project designs. 

Cooling off with peace of mind

With zero water depth surfaces, a Splashpad® is a reassuring presence for any parent on a hot day when water play is just the ticket. Park administrators appreciate how they require no lifeguard supervision as they pose no more risk than standard dry-play playground equipment, even when enhanced with multi-level Elevations™ play structures. 

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  • Kids play longer

    Light mists, jets and flowing and sprinkling effects combine to keep play experiences fresh and entertainment value high.

  • Imaginative play is happy play

    Vortex aquatic play equipment encourages children to create their own experiences.

  • Build closer communities

    Splashpad® installations serve as social gathering places for neighborhood families, strengthening the community fabric.

  • The safe way for wet play

    Zero-depth spaces eliminate risk and staffing needs.

  • We watch our water

    Innovative recirculation and capture & repurpose water management systems reduce consumption.

  • A splash of color

    Choose Splashpad® feature and color options to complement the surrounding landscape and facilities.

  • Build now, expand later

    Size your Splashpad® for any space and budget, add more play elements later with our unique SAFESWAP™ anchoring system.

  • Everybody can play

    Encourages physical, functional and social development in children of all abilities.

  • Enhance with lighting

    Lighting elements extend the hours of usage and create a stunning architectural piece during evening hours.