Located at the center of the Lagoon Park in the Amwaj Islands, the Waha Splashclub is the first Bahraini family-friendly aquatic play attraction of its kind. It is surrounded by a number of hospitality businesses, from docked cruise ships to local cafes and restaurants, and was specifically designed to be accessible to locals and tourists. The 1780 sq. m zero-depth Splashpad® contains more than 30 different interactive elements, including elements from the Explora™ collection and a Water Journey™ Labyrinth, and can entertain up to 300 children at a time. Accessible amenities ensure those with physical challenges can take part in the fun. The Splashpad is managed with a 15,000-liter tank with a sanitizing recirculation system that maintains higher water quality at a low environmental cost. It has been an exciting new addition to the area, and neighboring businesses are delighted with the increased traffic, both day and night.

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