Sentmenat is a small municipality in the Vallés Occidental region of Barcelona province. Its iconic central square, Plaza 1 de Octubre, had been deteriorating in recent years, so there was an opportunity to revitalize the space for its 9000 inhabitants. The town worked with Santamaría Arquitectes and Vortex to transform the square into an accessible and inclusive Splashpad®.


The new leisure space has enhanced the quality of life for residents. It provides a refresh zone to combat the extreme summer heat, and at the same time, it encourages kids to step away from technology and digital games and to participate in free play. One zone is designed for younger children and has water games with soft textures to encourage early water play. Older kids enjoy a more dynamic zone, with cannons and buckets that create fun and social interaction. Both zones are inclusive and accessible. LED lighting extends the fun and enjoyment into the evening hours.


Sentmenat selected a sustainable recirculation water management system controlled by Vortex’s MaestroPRO™ technology. The Splashpad can be accessed remotely to manage water flow in real-time, thus improving water and energy efficiency. And because remote maintenance means fewer visits to the Splashpad, the control system allows the town to keep its expenses in check.

Product Types

Project details

Opening date
June 2021
Venue type
Urban Park

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