MaestroPro: High processing power. Visual interface. Connectivity. Automatic restart. Resistant to high temperatures. Wind speed reader. Learn more.

Product Highlights

High processing power

  • Advanced sequencing capabilities
  • Unlimited solenoids and activators control
  • Real-time flow control for efficient energy and water usage


Visual interface

  • Large 8 7/16 x 6 3/8 inch colour touchscreen, clear and easy-to-read display, even in the full sun!
  • Simple user interface for intuitive control



  • Remote access for maintenance and operation reduces onsite visits
  • Online technical support directly from Vortex
  • Advanced network connection


Automatic restart

  • Automatic restart of MaestroPRO™ in AUTO mode after power failures. No need for site visits by the technical team.


High Temperature

  • The combination of built-in software logic and high-grade electronic makes MaestroPRO™ extremely resistant to high temperatures. Above 55 ºC (131 ºF), the SAFE mode will switch the controller into a minimal operating mode in order to keep the Splashpad® experience, while processing units will be turned off for cooling down.


Wind Speed Reader

  • Avoid water wastage beyond the spray zone. The system self-adjusts in response to wind, maintaining the visual experience of the water effect.

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