The municipality of Coslada wanted to revitalize its Plaza del Mar Caribe by creating the city’s first water play area. The large 220 sq.m Splashpad® features three zones to provide inclusive play to children and families of all ages.


A toddler zone features the lovable Waterbug No2, ideal for first water experiences. By gently pressing the buttons, the water effect amplifies, capturing the little ones’ attention. Aqua Dome No2 creates different water effects, offering more dynamic play.


Older children will be drawn to aquatic play features such as Astra No2. Three buckets spill at varying intervals, to the delight of the children below. It encourages social interaction by allowing several kids to play at the same time.


Helico is at the center of the family area. Two water curtains rotate to create an appealing spiral, entertaining children and enticing adults as a cooling station. Other aquatic products include a series of Spray Loop features, as well as Bamboo Rain.


Despite its large size, this Splashpad® is actually a low-flow water solution, and its water recirculation system makes it environmentally sustainable.


Thanks to the new Splashpad®, the residents of Coslada have a playful aquatic leisure area in the heart of their community. It provides a climate shelter, even on the hottest summer days, while offering refreshing fun for the whole family.

Product Types

Project details

Opening date
August 2022
Venue type
Urban Park

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