Part of the third largest city in Arizona, the City of Mesa is committed to revitalizing park spaces and reclaiming it for families. The city wanted to include a new amenity that would serve as a focal architectural centerpiece and a place for families to enjoy. Its officials agreed on transforming Pioneer Park’s central plaza to include a Splashpad® . During the conception, shade was often mentioned by surveyed families. Therefore, the City designed shade that beautifully drapes over the Splashpad, giving users a break from the blistering sun. Pioneer Park has surpassed its goals, enhancing the feeling of security in the area and becoming a core component of community life downtown.

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« It’s been a joy watching families interact with these water features. What really makes this design so unique is that it brings two unique elements to the table: during the day, it functions just like a Splashpad® but at night, it offers a dynamic light show, perfect for special events and community engagement. »
Marc Heirshberg,

Director of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities

« That's really the idea of what we're trying to do with a lot of our park projects: create this intergenerational play experience so that parents are out there and in there, experiencing it with their children. »
Marc Heirshberg,

Director of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities

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