Super Aqua Club (SAC) was looking to offer guests new thrills for the 2022 summer season. After president Nadine St-Amant visited Vortex headquarters and experienced the Dream Tunnel™ prototype, she saw the opportunity to revitalize their Lazy River. SAC chose a colorful jungle theme to complement their existing environment and Vortex designed an experience and structure to suit the theme. Rebranded as The Zephyr River, guests are treated to a distinctive floating journey through a magical jungle, where no two adventures are the same. The new attraction has been a huge success, captivating SAC guests and creating significant buzz in local and national news as well as social media.


This Dream Tunnel™ project received an IAAPA 2022 Brass Ring Exhibitors Award in the Water Park Ride/Attraction category. 

Product Types

Project details

Opening date
July 2022
Venue type
Waterpark & Amusement Park


« I wanted an immersive dimension that brings the river to another level. It's entertaining because there's so much more to see and feel. We hear people yelling with joy when they see the waterfall for the first time. For me, it's all about eliciting emotion. There's sound, there are vibrations. The experience is unique because it engages all of your senses. »
Nadine St-Amant,

President, Super Aqua Club

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