Located in Basque Country, the city of Arrasate has a population of just over 20,000 people. An aging, unused duck pond was transformed into a beautiful urban Splashpad®. Built in a space that gets sunshine all day long, this water park offers hours of fun. Residents and visitors can enjoy the facilities with family and friends, or simply socialize with other visitors. The Splashpad® is inclusive, safe and multi-generational, appealing to both children and adults. To ensure the facility is eco-friendly, and to reduce water consumption, the features are user-activated, and the water management system recirculates and re-uses the water. No lifeguards are required for this zero-depth facility, so it is a budget-friendly solution. The new Splashpad® has added fun, safety and a refreshing public area for city residents to enjoy.

Product Types

Project details

Opening date
July 2020
Venue type
Urban Park

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