Eco-friendly, User Activated splashpad®

Park planners in Mount Pleasant, Michigan wanted to replace the community pool with an alternative water-based solution that would lower costs for the city, while providing a safe aquatic environment for children in the summer. Vortex provided just the right answer with a user activated Splashpad®, a great value for the community's investment.

The Splashpad® consists of three separate areas, blanketing 2,095 square feet, connected by a star-shaped canopy that is both functional and unique.

Park users press an activator to start the flow of water during community-designated hours of operation. For approximately 5 minutes, water flows through a dozen water features, using 100 sprayers and nozzles. After the cycle ends, users can activate it again, for endless exploration, discovery and excitement.

By being a user activated solution, the Splashpad® only runs when triggered by visitors, thereby making the solution an environmentally sound choice that also saves the community in terms of water costs. Since the installation is safe for all ages, families can enjoy the aquatic experience together. And the community also saves money because no lifeguard is required.

This is the most fun I’ve seen in this park in a lot of years. This spray park was a pleasant surprise!

— Anonymous, Community Member, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, United States
  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location Michigan, United States
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened July 2009

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