Photos & story background courtesy of Water Technology, Inc.


Photography: PHOTOGRAPHIE:FOURSEVEN (Monica Slaney)


The City Council of High Point, North Carolina saw an opportunity to revitalize and modernize its historic City Lake Park Pool, the oldest park in the system. Recreational demands for the park had increased, and there had been a large shift in demographics. Aquatic designer Water Technology, Inc. (WTI) was hired to complete an aquatic evaluation of the existing pool, with a particular focus on inclusivity and accessibility.


WTI eventually recommended a design for what would become a full aquatic center. The outdoor pool area would be transformed into two pools: a competition pool and a leisure pool. The latter features a zero-depth entry with a Vortex Elevations™ structure surrounded by a selection of playful Splashpad® features, including Explora’s Helio No6 and Bobble No2.


Both the Elevations structure and the Splashpad are accessible to children of all ages and abilities; even the youngest child can enjoy the small, gradual slides that descend from the Elevations into the shallow water. Or they can interact with colorful features that are just the right height. The new aquatic play space has been a huge hit with the community since its opening.

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Opening date
September 2022
Venue type
Aquatic Center

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