Small Texas City Goes Big on Water Fun

Some 30 miles northwest of Fort Worth, Springtown is a small Texas community with a population under 3,000. With hot summers the town was in need of somewhere refreshing for the community to gather, and their children to play. One of the key factors in choosing a solution was the need to appeal to as many people as possible, regardless of age or ability. This convinced decision makers that introducing the area’s first Splashpad® was the way to go.

The result was a 4000 square foot Splashpad® with distinct zones, or bays for age appropriate play, provided and installed by Vortex.

The Toddler Bay features products that are smaller, lower to the ground and easy for the youngest kids to interact with. The water effects in this Bay are also young kid friendly, with gentle sprays and interesting laminar effects that youngsters love to crawl under. The shape of the Splashpad®, combined with strategically placed seat walls helps shield this area from the higher energy Family Bay. This ensures the youngest children are not intimidated by strong water streams, more imposing features and bigger people.

It’s been a big plus for our city. First year, nothing but positives. Last year same thing. It’s something for our kids to do right here in Springtown, which is fantastic.

— Doug Hughes, Springtown City Administrator
    Texas, USA

In the Family Bay, the twirling Sunspray, interactive flowers, and a large dumping bucket branded with the city logo, ensure there is always lots of action for older kids and the bravest adults!

The Splashpad® has been designed with the future in mind, with Safeswap™ anchors included in anticipation of future expansion. The anchors are covered with caps until such time as the town is ready to add new features – a simple task because of the foresight designed in.

With large shaded tables surrounding the Splashpad® and vending machines and toilets close by, the Splashpad® is proving a success for the Springtown residents and for visitors from nearby communities. The town offsets some of the operational costs by charging a $3 to $4 entrance fee.

  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location Texas, United States
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened July 2014

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