The Lubbock YWCA knew that its pool area could offer more play value for the city’s families who were seeking affordable relief from the summer sun. Vortex worked within a small, defined space – around the existing pool – to install a Splashpad® and an Elevations™ structure, incorporating YWCA’s blue-and-orange color motif. The Splashpad is eco-friendly as it recirculates the existing water, all within the city’s flood plain regulations. And there is water fun available to children of all ages, with a variety of water textures and effects, including waterslides. Local families are enjoying this engaging aquatic play, but the center has also experienced a surge in visitors from neighboring towns.

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Aquatic Center


« Our installation is a unique combination of features which started as a community-driven renovation of a beloved landmark. Our families love the results and will be making summer memories here for decades to come.  »
Glenda Mathis,

Executive Director, YWCA, Lubbock

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