Janos Hando developed Ladybird Farm Leisure Centre to provide visitors with an ecological attraction in which all energy consumed would come from a sustainable source. The year-round facility attracts 65,000 visitors per year, with 80% of the facility’s energy needs met through its photovoltaic solar panels and biomass. Mr. Hando was looking for an innovative and eco-friendly aquatic play facility so he introduced a Vortex Splashpad®. The only electricity required to run the Splashpad comes from the sun, and water is recirculated, abiding by Ladybird’s core principles. There is nothing else like it in Hungary because the Splashpad is user-controlled, durable, and can be accessed by children of all ages and abilities; Mr. Hando believes his property now has a major competitive edge over other area attractions.

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« Vortex equipment delivers value for the money. Vortex is certainly not a cheap solution, but if the operational costs are added to the total cost of ownership as an investment, Vortex solutions bring an absolute value to attraction owners and outstanding enjoyment for user guests.  »
Janos Hando,

Owner of Ladybird Farm Leisure Centre

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