There is a truly unique water park in Avon, Indiana! Vortex created a Splashpad with a focus on accessibility. In fact, this central water playground is completely ADA-accessible.


The focal point of the project is a custom Elevations™ structure that is wheelchair accessible. There are multiple entry points, all ramps and bridges are extra wide, and a circular path gives easy access around the structure itself. There are a total of 48 interactive water features on the structure. Higher water features splash down to the decks below so that everyone can get in on the fun. And water features closer to the ground are easily accessed by kids of all abilities.


Beyond the Elevations, there are a host of Splashpad aquatic features, including a toddler zone to ensure this aquatic park is a fully inclusive experience where everyone can come together to play!


Vortex collaborated with HWC Engineering and Spear Corporation in the design and execution of this project.

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May 2022
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« It is our goal to continue to provide diverse opportunities for recreation. This feature is an asset to the community and truly makes this park a place for ALL to enjoy. »
Lora Helmick,

Park Director, Washington Township Park

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