What started as a destination for golfers in London Ontario, has now turned into an amazing aquatic playground for kids of all ages. The high demand and success of the water park led to the installation of additional features that attract toddlers who may be too small or too timid to ride one of seven waterslides. The Elevations™ structure adds more immersive play that appeals to kids of all ages.

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« The Elevations Super Splash proved to be a hit for adults and kids of all ages. The splash effect is brilliant. »
Alon Shatil,


« We had a small gap, whereby kids that were too small or timid to ride one of our seven waterslides and wanted more than the Splashpad, had little choice at our park. The new Elevations added a fun, interactive structure with slides that appeal to kids of all ages. »
Alon Shatil,


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