The Mondamert family long entertained the notion of expanding their Verébleu Camping offering to include amenities appropriate for their younger guests; an area where they could explore on their own and have fun without having to wear swim aids. The new space for toddlers and younger children has two focal points: a programmable Watermark installation that serves as a gateway to the play area, and a Splashpad® and Elevations™ structure beyond. The Watermark is an eye-catching water feature that creates patterns and text by manipulating the flow of a curtain of water. It wows its young guests by welcoming them by name! The new Splashpad area has been a hit among repeat guests, and the campground is seeing growth among new visitors.

Video credit: Crieur Public   Photo credit: Interaview Production


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« The initial feedback on our Vortex France play area has been fantastic! »
Brice Mondamert,

President, Camping Verébleu

« Our number of visitors has already increased, even though we haven't advertised.... »
Brice Mondamert,

President, Camping Verébleu

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