Odetah is a recreational campground resort owned and operated by the Adelman family since 1905. The family always dreamed of adding an aquatic play area, making Odetah a true family camping resort destination. They sought to lessen the load on their pool, and provide a separate, safe zone for children, adding significant entertainment value for the resort’s 80% repeat visitors. Their new Splashpad® overlooks a beautiful scenic forest and nearby lake. Water is UV treated and recirculated, and Vortex installed a special “pipe-in-pipe” plumbing system that makes the facility easier to maintain within its concrete base. The Splashpad is designed with varying water features that provide entertainment value for all age groups. The Adelmans anticipate it will increase occupancy and length of stay at Odetah.

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« Everyone at Vortex was more than accommodating. I came to them with a dream and it took a team like them to make it a reality.  »
Nate Adelman,

Owner and President, Odetah Camping Resort

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