Amusement Park in Norway Increases Visitors and Revenue with Splashpad® Reminiscent of a Mountain Meadow

Regardless of industry, the highest compliment a company can receive is when a satisfied client provides repeat business. Therefore, Vortex was extremely proud when Hakon Lund, the owner of Land Gruppen Holdings AS, asked the company to design a Splashpad® for the second time. 

Mr. Lund was delighted with Vortex's Splashpad® installation at a property of his in Sweden, so he asked the company to develop another Splashpad at Kongeparken in Norway. Kongeparken, an amusement park in Rogaland, Western Norway provides rides and attraction to families in Rogaland, but it did not have a water attraction that could accommodate all ages and ability levels. Mr. Lund believed that an interactive water attraction would enhance the overall guest experience in the park and bring families into the outdoors, a challenge that exists in many countries in today's digitally-based society.

Vortex delivered a unique aquatic play experience to Kongeparken by designing the Splashpad® to emulate a stream setting to match the surrounding area. Jets of various sizes spray water from the ground onto eager children, and a tall spruce tree gently drips water from its leaves. Vortex's "wonder of water" is reminiscent of a mountain meadow, evoking imagery of cows and sheep grazing on a summer day.

The design also incorporates rock structures as a built-in seating area so that parents can rest while engaging with their children, or kids can take a break from the excitement while still enjoying the water's refreshment. The finished installation consists of over 30 Vortex features on an area of 2,825 square feet. Mr. Lund heavily promoted the Splashpad® through TV, radio and print advertising, and also through social media.

The zero-depth entry of the Splashpad® makes it accessible to all park visitors, who, regardless of age or ability, can enjoy the discovery, surprise and wonder that comes with aquatic play. While some older and more daring kids enjoy the thrills in the park's other attractions, the younger set can now enjoy "thrills" of their own.

In fact, since installing the Splashpad®, Kongeparken has experienced a "triple win," as it delivers satisfaction to three groups - parents, children and the Kongeparken staff, ownership and management. Parents love to sit and watch or participate, and enjoy the refreshing sound of water and the playfulness of the area. They especially appreciate the safety aspect; they don't have to worry given the attraction's zero-depth of water, and find that is very user-friendly for even the youngest of guests. In the meantime, since summers in Norway tend to be moderate, children safely enjoy the benefit of aquatic play without the need to be submerged in a pool.

Given the Splashpad®'s appeal, it's not surprising, therefore, that Kongeparken has experienced an increase in the number of visitors among parents with young children since the Splashpad® was installed. In addition, Mr. Lund happily notes that these visitors also spend a greater amount of time at the park, resulting in increased per capita spending; especially in retail & merchandise. The technical team at Kongeparken is also extremely happy about the water quality management system in that it is "automatic" by design. They are alerted to any problems with the system and safety protocols shut the system down if levels are out of norm.

The technical team notes that the Splashpad® is vastly easier to maintain compared to other attractions in the facility such as coasters and rides. Now Mr. Lund has two Splashpads® to brag about, and he plans to continue to further enhance these water amenities in the years to come.

  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location Norway
    - Amusement Parks
  • Opened June 2017

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