LEGOLAND Discovery Center Adds To Fun With Outdoor Lego-Themed Splashpad

Children everywhere associate fun with LEGO but LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Grapevine, Texas was looking for a way to increase family engagement at the park, and provide a way for families to cool off in the hot summer sun.

Vortex, the worldwide leader in aquatic play experience, found a unique way to further enhance the appeal of LEGOLAND Discovery Center; they brought water play to an unused grassy area with a 4,000 square feet (372 m2) Splashpad in a custom-designed shipwrecked Pirate Beach theme.

Vortex customized our installation with three things we know will be a hit with children: pirates, LEGO and water.

— Iain Scouller, Regional General Manager LEGOLAND Discovery Center
    Texas, USA

Designed, manufactured and fully installed by Vortex, the Splashpad is built on a vibrant surface that is wheelchair-accessible, and also contains an enthralling ElevationsTM structure.

Since the majority of attractions at LEGOLAND Discovery Center are indoors, the Splashpad enabled the park to expand to the outdoors, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy splashing attractions, squirt cannons, water slides, and a 50-gallon bucket that drenches guests waiting below. This provides families with a great way to enjoy the outdoors on a hot summer day, cooling off in an inspiring and imaginative play experience.

Vortex outfitted the Splashpad® with features custom-molded to be scaled matches of LEGO toys, in exact LEGO-pantone colors. Familiar characters such as Captain Redbeard, the Parrot, and other pirate-themed mini-figures, treasure chests and palm trees were specifically developed by Vortex for the LEGO Discovery Center, to fully incorporate the LEGO experience.

Although it was designed for families with children age 3-10, guests of all ages immerse themselves in aquatic play for hours on end. One guest reported that her children, ages 2 and 13 would have stayed all day if she had not reminded them that they wouldn’t have time for the rest of the park if they didn’t quit soon!

This exciting addition is the first water playground of its kind at any LEGOLAND Discovery Center in the world.

— Cody Martin, LEGOLAND Discovery Center’s Head of Operations
    Texas, USA

Vortex’s Splashpad® and Elevations™ installation has boosted the play value of the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Grapevine. Attendance has increased and the Splashpad provides the center with a unique competitive advantage in entertaining families of all ages.

  • Solution Types Elevations™ & PlayNuk
  • Location Texas, United States
    - Family Entertainment Centers
    - Shopping Malls
  • Opened August 2014