Big Splash Slides

Every experience is even better when you kick the adrenaline up a notch!

Fully customizable and with higher intensity ride paths, Big Splash Slides will be a sure hit for the entire family, maximum thrills guaranteed!

Speed Slides

When it comes to speed, nothing beats these classic flume drops and snaking designs. Highly customizable, these Speed Slides bring in the crowds and keep the spectators gathered ’round.




Drop Slides

These versatile designs feature highly customizable drop-offs! They can be engineered for speed, sharp turns, and big plunges.




Waterslides Technologies


  • Manufactured with state-of-the-art light resin transfer molding (LRTM) technology
  • Superior appearance with a glossy finish inside out
  • Smooth and frictionless connections
  • Flumes with the highest strength-to-weight ratios in the industry
  • Built to last and low maintenance: corrosion and fade resistant materials that maintain their color season after season
  • Ride paths can be designed to accommodate your unique space

Classic Ride

  • Smooth riding surface and a textured outside surface
  • Great flexibility in ride path designs with an optimized footprint
  • Dual-tone flume option (interior slide color and exterior slide color)
  • Superior gel coat quality

Pool-less Exit

  • Great for use in Splashpads
  • Pool-less slide run out
  • Safe slide exit
  • Cost efficient solution to splashdown pools

Waterslide Structure

  • AquaGrate® Stairs & Decks
  • Hot-dip galvanized or powder coated finish
  • Wide or spiral staircases