Exciting things are happening at Mitsis Rodos Village, an ultra-all-inclusive 5-star hotel on the island of Rhodes! Mitsis Group, Greece’s largest privately-owned hotel chain, has recently launched its new brand identity, with a steadfast commitment to reinventing the travel experience, offering beyond all-inclusive services and an unwavering dedication to exceeding guest expectations. As the chain expands its all-inclusive offering for children’s experiences specifically, Mitsis Rodos Village is installing a 6000 sq.ft. Splashpad® and Elevations™ multi-play structure on its premises.



While the hotel currently has a variety of leisure swimming pools, the new aquatic space will be installed in an area that was previously unused. It features a variety of magical play zones, each with its own unique personality. The Elevations offers three unique slide opportunities, for younger kids as well as the more adventurous. And the focal point of the structure is the SuperSplash No2, which creates anticipation and excitement with its massive water splash.



A second zone features a shallow pool, with gentle water features such as Sprig No1, Cattail, and Dolphin. Toddlers and young children will be entertained for hours, as they explore water fun with their siblings and parents.



In the third shallow pool, kids will make fast friends with more animated characters such as Frog No1 and Crab No1, or experiment with water flow as they manipulate Cascade Loop, Pico Beach, and Alto Beach.



This will be the first Splashpad for the island of Rhodes. With its focus on inclusivity, accessibility, and interactive fun for the whole family, Mitsis Rodos Village is positioning itself as the preferred family destination on the island.


Vortex collaborated with local channel partner elite areas on this wonderful project!