The city of Pointe-Claire prides itself on providing a wide variety of services and facilities to the community, so in 2017 it sought to turn one of the areas into a Splashpad® for the benefit of residents of all ages. City project leaders wanted the highest recreational value for the space, while being strictly responsible in terms of safety, environmental care, and public finances. Accessibility and safe play are built in for hours of fun for all Pointe-Claire residents, including the youngest among them and those with mobility limitations. And when the sun begins to set, LED lighting transforms the park, creating an entirely new experience for visitors.

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« This new facility is perfect for the entire community to enjoy all summer long. We are proud of this Splashpad, which enhances the services offered to all, especially young families. »
John Belvedere,

Mayor, Pointe-Claire

« It was apparent to residents and City Council that we needed a facility like the Splashpad in the neighborhood. This is everything we had hoped for. »
Kelly Thorstad-Cullen,

City Councillor, Pointe-Claire District 3

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