Water Park Expands Appeal With Interactive Water Play

When Water Mine Family Swimmin' Hole realized that it could expand its facility to appeal to children of all ages, it turned to Vortex and Water Technology Inc. (WTI), for their expertise in aquatic recreation. Vortex and WTI responded to Water Mine's needs by adding Tenderfoot Pond, with its zero-depth area, pint-sized slide and gentle bubblers.

We have dozens of interactive features. As soon as the kids get off the slides you can see the smiles on their faces.

— Josh Schmidt, Water Mine Director, Lake Fairfax Park, Reston, Virginia

Boomtown, a multi-level water playground equipped with self-directed spray fountains and other water activities to inspire discovery and imaginative play, was also created. 

The children line up under a giant dumping bucket and eagerly wait for it to tip every few minutes so they can get an exciting soaking. With sluice gates and other features low to the ground, even toddlers can cool off and play in a stimulating and fun aquatic environment. And with the zero-depth Splashpad®, parents are comfortable that their children are safe while they explore the different ways they can trigger and direct the interactive sprays. There are also low-slope slides that are ideal for the preschool crowd.

  • Solution Types Elevations™ & PlayNuk
  • Location Virginia, United States
    - Water Parks
  • Opened July 2016

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