Splashpad Rejuvenates Camping Resort, Turns Owner’s Dream Into a Reality

Odetah has been a recreational campground resort since 1905, entertaining families with a pool, lakefront activities, sports such as shuffleboard, mini-golf, basketball and tennis, and campfires. Nate Adelman, Odetah's owner and President, can regale anyone with tales from yesteryear about the camping resort's illustrious history, including stories involving celebrity visitors, because his parents were the original owners. 

However, throughout Odetah's storied past, the family always dreamed of adding an aquatic play area that could be used by all age groups, making the resort a true family camping resort destination. In fact 80% of Odetah's customers return year after year to build upon their cherished family memories, travelling from an hour- and-a-half away. The resort accommodates 350 camp sites with more than 5,000 reservations a year.

In order to fulfill their dream of adding an aquatic play amenity, the Adelmans thought a Splashpad would be an ideal solution. Nate Adelman knew many parents enjoyed the hot-tub at Odetah, a relaxing amenity located near the resort's pool.  At the same time, he wanted to lessen the load on the pool, and provide a separate, safe zone for children of all ages. Overall, Mr. Adelman thought a Splashpad would add significant entertainment value for the resort's visitors.

Mr. Adelman and his wife Courtney met with Vortex and explained their vision. The Adelmans wanted to cover an existing area of 2,700 square feet that had a rough landscape. However, the area was also at a height that could provide an overlook onto the nearby lake area below and its beautiful scenic forest surroundings. It didn't take long for the experts at Vortex to begin to turn the Adelmans' dream into a reality. 

Vibrant blue and orange color-themed play features were agreed upon for the Splashpad, while also adding elements that would fully integrate it into the campground setting. For example, a large cedar deck with glass paneling was added to provide a scenic view for guests to enjoy.  Vortex and Mr. Adelman considered every last detail, including UV water treatment and the addition of a block seating wall the entire length of the Splashpad, so that users could get a break from the excitement while still being a part of the fun.

An equally important part of this solution's story is the water management. Mr. Adelman wanted to add a system that would recirculate the water but was worried about needing to break into the concrete should plumbing problems arise in the future, which would be expensive to fix.  Therefore, Vortex added a very special plumbing solution called a "pipe-in-pipe" system that makes the Splashpad easy to maintain. Consisting of a PVC pipe with flex hosing within, Vortex's system will allow Mr. Adelman to isolate a line in case of any breakage, pull it out and easily replace it without ever having to touch the concrete base of the Splashpad.

While the Adelmans wanted to focus the Splashpad on entertaining children under the age of 12 years, they are committed to providing entertainment value for all age groups. Therefore, Vortex and the Adelmans designed the Splashpad at Odetah to have features that will appeal to all ages. Youngsters can enjoy gentle sprays from a frog and a fish, while older visitors can spray each other with water cannons or cool off with refreshing water jets. There is even a large water "dump bucket" suspended 25 feet above that periodically drenches visitors standing beneath it awaiting a spill.

Mr. Adelman anticipates that the Splashpad will increase occupancy and length of stay at Odetah.

"Everyone at Vortex was more than accommodating," he remarked. "I came to them with a dream and it took a team like them to make it a reality."

  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location Connecticut, United States
    - Campgrounds
  • Opened May 2017

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