Amusement Park Makes a Splash with Vortex

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Kings Dominion, a theme park located in Doswell, VA, updated and expanded its water park, now known as Soak City. As one of the primary goals for the redevelopment of the park, Kings Dominion wanted to create an appealing area for kids under 8 – a key demographic that was underserved by thrill rides and other offerings designed for teens at the park.

Intended to provide a family friendly alternative to the intense thrill rides available in other parts of the park, Splash Island has three distinct areas, all intended to appeal to specific age groups (although children of all ages and abilities play with products in each of the areas). Little ones can let their imaginations run wild as they get soaked underneath large cascading flowers, take a trip down a slide, or direct water that shoots out from one of the many Splashpad® play products.

We wanted to expand the options for children, and the look-and-feel was very important. We wanted the designs and attractions to be whimsical and visually appealing, with bright colors.

— Katelyn Sherwood, PR & Communications Manager for Kings Dominion
    Virginia, USA

The whimsical designs and bright colors inspire imaginative play, while pool-side cabanas are available for parents and other family members to relax, socialize and soak up the sun in lounge sections adjacent to the children’s play area.

The efficient water flow of the Vortex features reduced the overall demands on Splash Island’s water management system. This allowed Kings Dominion to use equipment such as more-efficient pumps and filters, reducing power consumption and the size of mechanical spaces required. The smaller mechanisms helped improve the design and implementation of the attractions.

I work with a lot of mommy bloggers who come to our park. They keep telling us that the new areas are very visually appealing, and that the kids have a blast. What more could you want?

— Katelyn Sherwood, PR & Communications Manager for Kings Dominion
    Virginia, USA
  • Solution Types Splashpad®
    Elevations™ & PlayNuk
  • Location Virginia, United States
    - Amusement Parks
  • Opened June 2015

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