Vortex has relocated to larger offices in the same Montreal community of Pointe-Claire to expand its manufacturing capabilities.


As a global leader among water park equipment suppliers Vortex saw a need to expand its operations to accommodate municipal and commercial projects around the world.


With over 220,000 square feet of space, the new facility is three times larger than its prior location and can handle the growing global demand for the company’s products while maintaining lead times and quality. Vortex is expanding its team to keep up with increasing demand.


The new facility includes an impressive design studio and product testing labs to support Vortex’s innovative culture. Known for its creativity, innovation and pioneering products, Vortex will be able to design and produce bigger, more complex parts to meet demand for boundary-pushing solutions. This culture of innovation has helped Vortex win numerous industry awards including several Leading Edge Award from the World Waterpark Association, multiple International Design Awards (IDA) for its Water Journey™ and Explora collections, Most Valuable Product awards for PrecisionRide™ and Water Journey by Aquatics International’s readers, and many Best of Aquatics Supplier awards.


Office spaces have been designed to enable the company’s collaborative work environment and to stimulate creativity. To accommodate employees and to promote work-life balance, an in-house fitness center is part of the future plans.


With sustainability as one of its core values, the company substantially renovated and modernized the former Ford Motor Co. factory, upgrading all mechanical, electrical, ventilation and roofing systems with high energy efficiency systems.


The move comes as the company prepares to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2020. Stephen Hamelin, president of Vortex International, launched the organization in 1995. This is the fourth time that Vortex has moved to accommodate its growth.


“Our new facility will help us expand our capabilities in all facets of our business including manufacturing, R&D and sales. We are investing in new equipment, technology and our people to prepare the organization for the next 25 years,” Hamelin said. “This new location allows us to remain in Montreal, the city where we started and a place with an abundance of talented people in many disciplines. These talents have been one of the key contributors to our success over the years. We are also proud to have transformed a classic, 50-year-old industrial property into a modern state-of-the-art facility.”