smartpoint n4 pv
smartpoint n4 pv

The SmartPoint No.4 Smartflow Command Center is the cost-effective all-in-one solution for Splashpads with flow-through systems. Discover SmartPoint.

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The Smartpoint™ Command Center (SPCC) is the cost-effective control solution for Splashpads® with flow-through systems.


Powered by a rechargeable battery, it combines a foot or post activator, controller, water distribution system and drain for simplified operation.

  • Require NO electrical cables, wires or connections, powered by a rechargeable battery in waterproof housing.
  • Require low maintenance and is easy to operate.
  • Long lasting powerful battery, with embedded smart activity detection.
  • Recharging the battery is recommended every 5 months (Kit included).
  • Engineered to fully integrate with existing city water source.
  • Flexible operational hours, controlled by the customer.
  • Control over activation duration, customer is capable of changing sequence duration.
  • Standard model comes with up to 4 outlet[MB1] s with max flow capacity of 45 GPM (170 LPM)
  • Skidsafe, anti-slip, and no protrusions or small finger and toe entrapments powder coated drain cover
  • Manifold made of stainless steel pre-assembled valves
  • Easy gate valves water flow adjustments
  • Pressure regulator included
  • Drain access point for line winterization
  • Meets ASTM F2461 and CSA Z614-98 regulations for public playgrounds

SmartFlow™  systems utilize potable water from an existing water source. After spraying from your playscape, the effluent water returns to the municipal treatment system, or transfers into a holding tank where it is repurposed to nourish vegetation and replenish ground water.

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