Vortex Welcomes New Vice President of Product Development


Vortex Aquatic Structures International, a world leader in the aquatic play industry, is proud to announce that Mr. Richard Martin has joined the team as Vice President of Product Development. Richard will harness the creativity and vision of the Product Development team and lead the ongoing development of innovative and inclusive aquatic play products with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Over the course of his twenty-two years in the toy industry, working his way up from technical designer to management positions at MEGA Brands, Richard is keenly aware of how crucial play is to early childhood development. And as his own family has experienced firsthand the unique way water parks and aquatic play installations bring together family members with varied interests, he looks forward to harnessing the power of water in helping children grow and families bond through play.

In his new role, Richard plans to strengthen processes to enable the Product Development team to fully leverage its passion and help bring team members’ great ideas to life. Enhancing efficiency creates space for the team to explore new possibilities, develop innovative play experiences and build the future of aquatic play. When aquatic play installations strike the right balance between the needs of developing children of all ages and abilities and those of operators concerned with safety, cost efficiency and sustainability, they provide the perfect environment for families to make the most of precious family time and create lasting memories.

In welcoming Richard to the team, Vortex International President Stephen Hamelin said,

"Like all of us at Vortex, Richard finds great fulfillment in seeing children develop and families share memorable experiences through play. His extensive insight and track record will help drive innovation as Vortex continues to grow and create fun aquatic play events for children, their families and communities."