A Closer Look at Water Journey™ Pico, Alto and Hop

In our last post, we finally unveiled our three new Water Journey™ experiences: Pico, Alto and Hop! Today, we're continuing our Water Journey™ discussion by taking a closer look at the new designs. 

Like Water Journey's original four experiences, Pico, Alto and Hop are all about introducing children to the malleability of Mother Nature. Inspired by cascading mountainsides and stepping stones, the designs comprise of eye-catching shapes and textures.

Perhaps what's most exciting about Pico, Alto and Hop is how flexible and accommodating they are when it comes to integrating them into different kinds of aquatic settings. Thanks to their small footprints, the designs open up a new realm of application possibilities. Soon, we'll be checking back in with landscape architect Scott Stefanc and industrial designer Juliana Hamori to explore some of the ways Pico, Alto and Hop can interact with your facility! Subscribe for updates here and we'll let you know the moment a new article is published. But first thing's first, let's take a closer look at the designs! 

Water Journey™ Pico

Pico is one of two new Water Journey™ formations that models itself after mountainous landforms. It's a highly stimulating sensory experience that engages young explorers with multiple textures and interactive accessories. Artful mountainsides promote tactile learning while diverters and spin nozzles encourage toddlers and preschoolers to discover the many ways water moves. Pico is available in three distinct configurations:

  • Pico 1 is a fantastic introduction to tactile play. Each side of the formation features a different texture. A cascading spray feature at the mountain peak releases water into every nook and cranny as children explore its stream-like surfaces.
  • Pico 2 adds a level of interactivity with a water pivot that can start and stop the flow of water.
  • Pico 3 offers even more control over the landscape. This design comes equipped with a spin nozzle that lets the little ones direct the flow of the water while a low-impact spray is released.

Water Journey™ Alto

Best described as Pico's big brother, Alto elevates the river-like experience with deeper indentations and more surface area that accommodates additional diverters and spin nozzles. The design draws in older siblings and encouraging greater social play among children. Like Pico, Alto is available in three distinct configurations:

  • Alto 1 Comes equipped with diverters, a bigger surface area and wider indentations for even more tactile play experiences.
  • Alto 2 Along with diverters, it incorporates multiple spin nozzles that spray water in all different directions.
  • Alto 3 incorporates Water Journey™ Hop—textured stones that, when skipped and stepped on, impact the pressure of Alto's geysering summit.

Water Journey™ Hop

Highly themed, hop integrates perfectly into nature-inspired playscapes. Reacting to touch with spray features that increase intensity when pressure is applied, it encourages kids to stay active while learning. The stones promote balance and dexterity while demonstrating cause and effect. Hop is Available in two configurations, which can be used alongside one another to create paths that wind in any direction.

Apart from being a perfect stand-alone feature that guides guests in and around any splash pad or waterplay facility, Hop can also be incorporated as part of the Alto 3 experience. The stones, when stepped on, adjust the rocky structure's spray intensity!

Get the Full Water Journey™ Catalog

A few weeks ago, we shared a downloadable version of our Water Journey™ catalog. It offers a look into our design philosophy and serves as a great visual guide to our experiences and features. Since the launch of Pico, Alto and Hop, we've updated the catalog to include these new designs. This revised version breaks down all the new play-value features and includes beautiful renderings that showcase different applications. Get it now by clicking the banner below!