Three New Formations: Introducing Water Journey™ Pico, Alto and Hop!

Since our first post, we've been teasing three new Water Journey™ designs that take nature-inspired play to new frontiers. Finally, the wait is over—we're happy to announce the arrival of Pico, Alto and Hop!

Between the ages of two and five, kids often use tactile forms of play to engage with the world around them. Zeroing in on this crucial period of early childhood development, this new series of Water Journey™ events employ crevassing surfaces and nature-inspired textures that encourage touch. The geological designs are perfectly scaled for newcomers to the world of play.

The new experiences (which integrate perfectly with splash pads or any other zero-depth aquatic playground) add a fresh dimension to Water Journey™. Whereas Labyrinth, Jet Dance, Race and Tide Pool take their cues from streams and sandy shorelines, Pico, Alto and Hop are inspired by mountains, volcanic formations and playful stepping stones. Want to see them in person? We'll be showcasing each of these structures live at the upcoming NRPA Annual Conference. More details on all this below. But first—let's take a closer look at these unique formations!

Water Journey™ Pico

Pico is a mountainous play structure that sits 18 inches from surface level. Highly tactile with stream-like indentations, it creates an instant attraction with the little ones. As water streams down its rocky walls, kids use different accessories such as diverters and spin nozzles to direct the flow.

Water Journey™ Alto

At 23 inches high, Alto includes more surface area for additional diverters and spin nozzles. Featuring deeper and wider indentations, Alto's cascading walls create a highly tactile, river-like experience that's fully interactive.

Water Journey™ Hop

When skipped and stepped on, these textured stones spray their soft jets of water higher into the sky. The amount of pressure applied determines spray intensity. Highly themed, Hop integrates perfectly into nature-inspired playscapes and can even interact directly with Alto by adjusting the flow if its geysering summit.

Features, Configurations, Inspiration and More!

These three new Water Journey™ products offer a slew of features and come in a variety of configurations. Our upcoming posts will explore all the fine details and take a look at each design's play value (if you've yet to signup for updates, do it here).

We'll even be checking back in with our landscape architecture specialist Scott Stefanc and industrial designer Juliana Hamori for some special insight into Pico, Alto and Hop's applications. Moreover, we'll be publishing a full catalog that highlights the new designs along with a nifty landscape architecture toolbox featuring all the specs you need to start thinking about a Water Journey™ project of your own!  

Get the Full Water Journey™ Catalog

A few weeks ago, we shared a downloadable version of our Water Journey™ catalog. It offers a look into our design philosophy and serves as a great visual guide to our experiences and features. Since the launch of Pico, Alto and Hop, we've updated the catalog to include these new designs. This revised version breaks down all the new play-value features and includes beautiful renderings that showcase different applications. Get it now by clicking the banner below!