A low flow solution that utilizes light mists and small directional water streams. This reduced and controlled water dispersion means you can introduce water play in almost any environment.

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  • Architectural design

    Contemporary, nature-inspired, clean designs fit in with any venue.

  • Safe and welcoming

    Zero-depth creates a safe space to play and eliminates staffing needs.

  • Multiple water effects

    Light mists and directional jets help keep interest high and visitors staying onsite.

  • Fits any space

    Designed to bring water fun to even the smallest areas.

  • Play and stay dry

    Multi-functional dry and wet zones encourage play and relaxation without bathing suits.

  • Efficient water usage

    Low flow water system keeps water and energy consumption and costs to a minimum.

  • Variety of shapes and colors

    Colorful low flow solutions that create dramatic water effects and color-infused light patterns on the floor.