A dynamic, zero-depth aquatic play area that provides endless hours of fun for the entire family. Splashpad® combines the sensations of different water movements—flowing, misting, and jetting—with over 250 diverse features for an unequaled aquatic play adventure.

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  • Social engagement

    Brings people of all ages together to create engaged communities.

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly

    Innovative recirculation and capture & repurpose water management systems reduce water consumption.

  • Designed for safe play

    Zero-depth spaces eliminate risk and staffing needs.

  • Stimulates imagination and creativity

    Unscripted free play encourages children to create their own experiences.

  • Integrates with surroundings

    Splashpad® feature and color options ensure that they always complement the surrounding landscape and facilities.

  • Maintain interest over time

    Light mists, jets, flowing and sprinkling effects combine to keep play experiences fresh and entertainment value high.

  • Flexible and expandable

    Can be big or small to fit any space and budget, and future play elements can be added.

  • Designed for inclusive play

    Encourages physical, functional and social development in children of all abilities.

  • Enhance with lighting

    Lighting elements extend the hours of usage and create a stunning architectural piece during evening hours