Located on the shore of the Jacques-Cartier River, the city of Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier has seen incredible demographic growth, almost doubling in the last 30 years. Feeling like they were falling short of their full potential, the city had a desire to expand the recreational possibilities in Grand-Héron Park. Answering the residents’ request for an aquatic play facility, the city decided to convert a grassy area of the park into a Splashpad®. Although the City was presented with several challenges like high soil moisture and a very tight installation timeline, the eco-friendly Splashpad was installed successfully with the City’s requirements.

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« In fact, the aquatic play amenities are integrated into a park near the Jacques-Cartier River, bringing to life the city’s motto – quality of life at the edge of the Laurentian forest.  »
Pierre Dolbec,


« Citizens stop me on a regular basis to tell me how much they appreciate the aquatic play installations we built for the children. They also enjoy watching kids play in a natural setting within Grand-Héron park by an exceptional pavilion. »
Pierre Dolbec,


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