Aquatic Fun and Dazzling Light Show Wows at Award-Winning Campground

The park has been a great success and we have managed to significantly increase the length of stay among our guests.

— Jon Koldo Salgado, General Manager

Camping Bañares in La Rioja, Spain, has always been proud of its prestigious “Q of Quality” Award from the Spanish tourism industry. So when campground management decided to further enhance its offering by adding an engaging, high-value aquatic play amenity, they approached Vortex Aquatic Structures International.


To make sure that the new amenity would live up to the visitors’ high expectations at the campground, Vortex seized the opportunity to transform an unused area of over 7,000 square feet by installing a Splashpad® with an Elevations™ play structure.

The star-shaped Splashpad is loaded with fun ground elements to cool off children of all ages in a safe environment while being spacious enough to accommodate many campers without feeling crowded. With surrounding greenery and shade, the play area has proven to be a great spot for parents to relax while children play collaboratively, encouraging families to remain on-site for longer periods of time.


To really wow guests, Camping Bañares chose to go big, opting for the largest Elevations structure in Spain, and one of the largest of its kind at a European campsite.

The innovative Elevations structure features three waterslides of various speeds and slopes. While the smallest of the three rises only 3.9 feet to entice younger children to explore the structure, there’s only one way to go to satisfy older children seeking bigger thrills – up. More adventurous riders will seek out a steeper slide of 7.8 feet, and the boldest will climb to the top of the orange spiral enclosed flume, which provides a thrilling drop of more than 14 feet in all. All three slides end in a safe run-out.

The structure also includes several multidirectional spray elements to keep guests cool in the hot Spanish sun, and a large Supersplash dumping bucket at the very top of the structure continuously fills and spills onto guests eagerly waiting below.


To take the excitement a step further, versatile LED lights were added to the Splashpad to create a spectacular evening light show. These lights offer a wide range of colorful visual effects that dazzle visitors, turning the Splashpad into a glittering, colorful fountain when the sun goes down on warm summer nights. And the enjoyment isn’t limited to the sunny season – the fountain has become a playful focal point all year round!


The project has exceeded visitor expectations with an innovative aquatic playground that provides entire families with a high play value experience that entices guests to remain on-site.

With Vortex as a partner, the facility’s management believes Camping Bañares not only lives up to its “Q for Quality” award but that families will also treasure the memories created at the campsite and its unique, innovative aquatic play installation.

  • Location Spain
  • Opened August 2017