Splashpad® Trumps Predecessor in Water Conservation and Fun

When looking to replace their current water structures at Mill Lake with a smarter, more ecologically friendly solution, the agricultural city of Abbotsford, BC opted for a Vortex Splashpad® to help people cool off in the hot summer months and have some fun close to home.

Replacing the water management system was key to the city’s sustainability efforts. A dedicated well water supply was built to eliminate the Splashpad®’s reliance on the city’s water distribution system, slashing utility costs and reducing the amount of water being treated at the source, as well as the amount of water being discharged back into sewer systems for treatment. Vortex’s low-flow nozzles also cut water consumption in half, using significantly less water than its predecessor.

By using the Vortex low water consumption nozzles in the new Splashpad®, significant savings would have been realized on our utility costs had we remained on the City’s water distribution system.

— Scott Watson, City Planner & Designer | City Of Abbotsford
    Mill Lake Splashpad, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Featuring a unique, organic design, the Splashpad® includes an array of Vortex Watergarden features that emulate the surrounding landscape. Sleek, flowing silver posts topped with colorful, translucent Seeflow shapes create mesmerizing sunlight and water patterns, while groundsprays produce surprising bursts of water. An ideal, inexpensive summer destination for local families, the new 4,535 square foot Splashpad®has benefited from ever-increasing attendance rates since its opening, thanks in part to extended months of operation and longer summer hours during periods of extreme heat.

  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location British Columbia, Canada
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened May 2010

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