Roswell, New Mexico Enjoys Aquatic Play Experience with ‘WOW Factor!’

Parks and Recreation Director Tim Williams was determined to provide a unique aquatic play experience for residents of Roswell, New Mexico. The old pool was closed and he wanted to provide water recreation for the hot summer days since there were no good alternatives in the city.

Because the goal was "something with a ‘WOW!' factor that would deliver a new aquatic experience," Williams turned to Creative Recreational Designs, Inc., a local Vortex Expert, and Vortex Aquatic Structures International to work with the city to design and install a series of features that would dramatically increase park utilization.

What they came up with is the Bert Murphy Family Splashpad® - a zero-depth aquatic play area that appeals to children of all ages. The Splashpad is named for a local businessman and major donor for the installation. It has colorful aquatic features from cannons to a giant jelly fish, ground sprays that spray water on delighted children and a huge elevated dump-bucket that fills, tips and douses excited kids (and their parents!) waiting below. There are 24 different aquatic features, so there is something for every age group and play interest, enabling whole families to get in on the fun.

The Splashpad itself is approximately 1,680 square feet, with an additional 885 square feet of surrounding area.

It has had a large number of children using it every day since it opened.

— City of Roswell,
    New Mexico, USA

Tim Williams's vision apparently paid off. The large number of 5-star Google reviews provides ample evidence that the citizens of Roswell appreciate the Splashpad.

"The huge water bucket drop sets this Splashpad apart," one parent noted. "My kids loved it ..."

Others commented that the Splashpad is "a great place to let the kids stretch their legs and burn off some steam."

In summary, an enthusiastic parent said simply, "An awesome place for the kids to go have fun."

  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location New Mexico, United States
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened June 2016
  • Partners Creative Recreational Designs, Inc.

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