High Usage Splashpad® Recycles Water to Reduce Environmental Impact

After the overwhelming success of their first Splashpad®, the city of Roswell wanted to build a second to accommodate the high volume of users in the community.

City officials partnered with Vortex and Hasley Recreation to build a fun, family-friendly amenity in East Roswell Park. On the Splashpad®, ground sprays and a small frog delight younger children while nature-inspired translucent Seeflow® polymer flowers and a large green snake rain water down over the crowds, projecting colorful shapes across the ground. A Recirculation Water Management System recycles water to reduce the environmental impact and wastewater costs.

The East Rowell Splashpad® has been a huge success. It has become a destination point not only for Roswell residents but also for the surrounding areas. We had seen the success that the Riverside Park Splashpad® had and how crowded it was becoming, so we started throwing around adding another Splashpad®.

— Jeff Pruitt, Parks Administrator | City of Roswell
    Georgia, USA

A second building was added to collect an admission fee and house a concession stand to offset upkeep costs, and a pavilion with picnic tables was built for families to share lunch. Large, shaded areas placed around the pad provide a comfortable place for parents and children to relax.

  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location Georgia, United States
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened June 2012

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