Castellar del Vallès Transforms Public Space Into Fun Family Attraction

Castellar del Vallès, a Spanish municipality in Catalonia, had an aging urban pond that had for years served as a decorative feature. City management called upon the aquatic play experts at Vortex Aquatic Structures International to work with them to make better use of the space and enhance it for the benefit of the Castellar del Vallès community.

Together, Vortex and Castellar del Vallès determined that the community wanted a public park to enjoy with family and friends, a place for weekend fun and relaxation. The city needed the space to fit in aesthetically with the surrounding area and provide high play value to all members of the community.

We could say the park has become Castellar del Vallès's very own beach.

— Jordi Llobet, Municipal Architect
    Catalonia, Spain

They decided to move forward with an innovative suburban Splashpad that promises children of all ages a magical experience every time they visit. Designed with two distinct areas, one geared to younger children and a more dynamic section for older children, each with age-appropriate structures and water intensity levels. The Splashpad itself is made of highly durable, vandalism-proof materials engineered down to the last detail to ensure years of safe and fun play for the families of Castellar del Vallès.The absence of deep-water features makes it accessible to children of all ability levels, and parents can relax knowing their children are safe at play with friends of similar ages.

Perhaps the most enchanting feature of the Splashpad emerges at sundown, when a colorful light show adds another dimension to the installation and creates a visually stunning aquatic playground experience for all. It also makes it possible to extend play later into the evening, which means more foot traffic for nearby businesses. 

Specially designed to integrate into the current landscape, the Splashpad has revitalized the already beautiful urban park and cemented its status as a top destination for families in Castellar del Vallès. 

This new Splashpad® implies a major shift in community play habits. Now they have an open space that is free, inclusive, inspiring, safe, creative and refreshing, where children can play, have fun and cool off on hot summer days.

— Jordi Llobet, Municipal Architect
    Catalonia, Spain

At the grand opening, an estimated of 1,500 people assembled and enjoyed the festivities, exploring the park and splashing around. 

"I will always remember the opening day of the Splashpad" recalls Llobet, "Children were excited to start playing and you could see the anticipation and happiness in their faces. The park offers attractive play experiences and is a great asset for Castellar."

  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location Spain
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened August 2017
  • Architect Jordi Llobet

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