Local Elementary Students Choose Forest Theme For Sustainable Award-Winning Splashpad®

The City of Moore, Oklahoma is no stranger to the power of Mother Nature as the area has survived several devastating tornadoes. However, Moore has a history of coming back tougher and more resilient and as part of the re-building process, they have added three new Vortex Splashpads. Parmele Park, the first of three Splashpads, is a forest themed Splashpad designed by Power Play, the local Vortex representative.

The City of Moore fully engaged its citizens in the Splashpad's design by allowing local elementary students to help select the forest theme. The end result is a water amenity for the City that offers a unique nature theme while offering kids of all ages access to a safe and fun aquatic play experience. And because the Splashpad is zero-depth and does not require lifeguards, children can enjoy it into September, while nearby pools close in early August.

The Splashpad has giant trees, water leaves, colorful cattails, mushrooms, and a spider spray to entertain children while keeping them cool in the hot summer sun. Kids also enjoy the wolf, mountain lion and bear water cannons to interact with each other in fun games. Colorful flowers dump water on the kids anxiously awaiting a big splash and the mushrooms are the perfect height for toddlers. Even a not-so-scary rattlesnake adds to the theme and provides a cool stream of water, while little ones enjoy running though a refreshing spray loop decked out as a friendly bullfrog. Tan concrete was used on much of the Splashpad to resemble the forest floor, while a dark brown walking path leads to a blue pond.

Parmele Park Splashpad covers 4,500 square feet and has 20 above-ground features with 15 ground sprays. The City of Moore also arranged for a unique system of repurposing the water consumed by the Splashpad. Highlighting the project's sustainability, the water drains to a nearby pond so that the City is able to reuse this water for irrigation purposes. 

The Parmele Park Splashpad has become so popular that the City of Moore has added two more unique Splashpads with a pirate theme and space theme! And residents are not the only ones who appreciate the Splashpad's design and value.  Aquatics International recognized The Parmele Park Splashpad as a Dream Design Award Winner.

  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location Oklahoma, United States
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened August 2013
  • Partners Power Play

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